Cool Tumblr title

"Yah. I ripped that shirt flexing on the school bus one day." -Beats scarf flexer shirt ripper boy

"Nothing says scene kid like a Beats scarf" -wise words from my coworker


The three amigos are back, causing shenanigans wherever we may go. #shenanigans #great #fun #summertimefun #thuglife #bestfriends


This is how they came up with the name orange is the new black


you’ve never actually seen me happy unless you’ve gone to a concert with me

Via Gone

I seriously wish I could have been able to get into Jr dragsters when I was younger or even wish I had a car I could race right now.

Youre not a metal head if all you listen to is one band, one metal subgenre, or one decade of metal, but hey. Proud of you for trying and you’re still welcome into the musical family.


they say the best things in life are free but that’s only true if u steal them

Via Noah McLemore

I like you and I hate you. I hope we get another chance and I hope you never consider dating again. I hope we can be friend’s and I hope I forget you. I hope youre successful and I hope you fail. I hope we see each other in heaven but youre probably going to hell.

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